November Reign

I read recently that Finland has five seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and November.  While it’s true this month is dark and wet, here are a few reasons it’s not all bad…

Warm weekend breakfasts at our favourite cafe


Galleria Keidas

Practising the art of Christmas ginger biscuits


Taking the shot before Miko steals the dough…

Discovering ‘new’ bars that are old favourites of friends


Just a spritz of alcohol behind the ears….@Strindberg

Buying Norwegian salmon cooked over hot coals outside work



Enjoying wine tasting and dinner on a wet Thursday night



Photo: Angela Lee

Still getting around without full winter gear


Anticipating the best parts of a good Finnish winter


Natural History Museum

Remembering that Santa will soon be on his way (on a bicycle powered by oars)


Talivisirkus (Winter Circus)

The chance to wear my favourite boots to work


Having to use Miko’s umbrella when I can’t find mine


Seasonal office attire

New winter socks

New winter socks

Finding out my bank thinks I’m a dame

Bathroom door at my bank

My bank’s bathroom door

….and waking up to a ground cover like sugar on cornflakes.

First snow of the season

First snow of the season


17 thoughts on “November Reign

  1. I agree that November is a separate season, and might feel a little depressing at times. Thanks for sharing these positive moments and raising up the mood! I personally like November for Christmas preparations, Ravintolapäivä and an opportunity to have some quality time at home enjoying a good book over coffee with korvapuusti 🙂

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  2. I almost miss Finnish November, wrapping yourself in the darkness and being cozy, meeting people at someone’s home instead of bars…

    And I have that same pair of rubber boots (as soon as my mom can locate them amongst my other things still in Finland).


  3. Beautiful. I remember, when I was about 14, my family visiting Alaska in July, and being astonished that the sun crept toward the horizon each evening, but never dipped below it — daylight at 11:00pm! The opposite season must be equally curious. 🙂


    • Thanks Carrie. Yes, sometimes it feels we live one day or circadian rhythm over a year, not needing much sleep in summer & sleeping long hours during winter. Must have been a trip to remember for you all.


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