How I Came to Run an Art Gallery in Helsinki

I was engrossed in Google Maps the other day, looking for an art gallery I wanted to check out but could not find anywhere. Finally I looked up, and there it was. I was standing right outside.


Lokal describes itself as 72% art and 28% coffee, which is a pretty good blend to me. It specialises in local, independent artists and designers and holds themed exhibitions.


The current exhibition is ‘Never Never Land’ and features playful pieces from various artists, including some of the most stylish miniature houses I’ve ever seen.






The store is full of gorgeous design objects, with more available online and worldwide delivery.


I had a really nice chat with owner Katja Hagelstam, who opened Lokal in 2012. A courier came in as we talked and when she had to leave for a few minutes to give him a parcel she looked at me and said, ‘You’re in charge.’

IMG_5837 IMG_5833

Unfortunately not much happened. I didn’t even get to sit in my cool new office or make anyone an espresso.


But nothing got broken and Katja seemed very relaxed when she got back. Lokal is moving ten doors down at the end of this month and as I left there was no mention of me being in charge of packing or carrying boxes so I assume my contract is over. It was good while it lasted.

LOKAL – now at Annankatu 9, Helsinki

12 thoughts on “How I Came to Run an Art Gallery in Helsinki

    • Grazie Marjo! I was just thinking of you yesterday. I hope you are well & that you are still enjoying Italian lessons. Now that I have stopped to focus on learning Finnish there are three Italians in my Finnish class. Hyvää viikonloppua!


  1. How wonderful! ThisIsFinland website brought me here and I’m so glad it did! Love your blog–will keep an eye out for your posts in my Reader from now on.

    Jess, A Canadian girl living in Helsinki. 😉


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