Now & Then – Töölönlahti

It’s easy to miss home at this time of year. Christmas for us signals the start of summer holidays – long hours of sunshine, songbirds, swimming and sand.

One thing about living in Finland however is the intensity of each season. It’s good for me to remember that winter here can be beautiful …. and it’s not forever.

One place this is evident is Töölönlahti – it’s a great bay to walk around and witness the incredible changes as they take place.

9th October 2014

IMG_3052 IMG_3072 IMG_3060 IMG_3056 IMG_3065

2 December 2014 – starting to freeze


Ducks on ice


4th January 2015 – frozen

IMG_5078_2 IMG_4944

7th January 2015



23rd January 2015



IMG_5273 IMG_5274 IMG_5275

And something to look forward to! Same place, different day (taken 3rd August 2014)

IMG_1636   IMG_1658IMG_1665IMG_1650

10 thoughts on “Now & Then – Töölönlahti

  1. Ooroo!

    Great pictures, I miss finnish winter and sauna… I’m finnish backpacker travelling around Oz and might visit NZ too 🙂 Having read further your blog, it’s funny (and obvious) to see you had exactly the same cultural “shocks” as I had when I first arrived Sydney. Even more exciting is that I needed a “english-aussie-english” dictionary at some points!! I’m having a tramvel blog if you have a squiz =)
    Stinker day wishes, Marco
    ps. If you’re a shopping person, a new shopping center goodman was opened in my city, hämeenlinna just 1h drive north from Helsinki. If you go there, make sure you visit Aulanko nature reserve too!
    pps. I can barely eat vegemite. Does your family like salmiakki?


    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. It seems we have almost swapped places & it’s great to read your blog and see the things you find unusual about Australia that we took for granted. I miss the Aussie summer right now so will enjoy some snow and sauna for you if you can enjoy some sunshine for me. I hope you’ll get to visit New Zealand at some point, you might need another dictionary though. We say ‘chilly bin’, instead of Esky and ‘jandals’ instead of thongs. Have a great time and stay safe out there in the wild Australian landscape. PS I’m not sure anyone really likes vegemite much – do people really like salmiakki? I see you have discovered KFC, just as we have discovered koorvapustit. ; )


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