Colours All Around Us



Finland has four very definite seasons and syksy (autumn) has surprised and stunned me with its vibrant colour displays.


We are very lucky in New Zealand to have a native bush reserve behind our house, but I realise now that it is made up of evergreens, that while beautiful, hardly change colour.


My walk home from Finnish class today was punctuated by trees sporting shades that match all the new words we have recently learnt – punainen (red), vihreä (green), keltainen (yellow), oranssi (orange) and ruskea (brown).




The walk around Töölönlahti is different each day as the trees start to drop the leaves we watched them grow only six months ago.



I find the beauty of the city right now is definitely helping me adapt to the cooler weather.





Today was a warm 12 degrees and so Miko and I stayed on after daycare to play with some friends in the leaves.



IMG_3098We used to always try to imagine how things will look once they are covered in snow. For now I’m just enjoying how they look painted for autumn.


8 thoughts on “Colours All Around Us

  1. WOTD: lehtikeli = “leafy” track conditions

    Q: There was a loud noise when the tram braked and the tram still didn’t stop. I could smell burning too. Are the tram’s brakes OK?

    A: The braking distance for trams is much longer than it is for vehicles with rubber tyres, even in good weather conditions. The most slippery conditions for trams occur in the autumn when leaves fall onto the rails and get squashed under the tram wheels into a slimy mush. The braking distance increases even more at this time of year and you may also find the journey a bit jerky when slowing down and accelerating. Trams use brake sand which causes dust under the tram and additional brakes can cause a burning smell.

    It is hoped that pedestrians, cyclists and drivers will take into account the longer braking distance required by trams in the autumn and avoid turning, crossing the road or other sudden manoeuvres at the last minute. When trams slow down more than usual at junctions, this should not be interpreted as meaning that the tram intends to give way. Instead you should still give trams enough space so that the junction can be crossed safely.



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