Moko is My Fave


Hyerim and I went to Moko Market & Cafe yesterday to celebrate her birthday. We ended up staying for three and a half hours AND without planning it, we both took our partners back today, bumped into each other and spent another three hours there. 

IMG_2253Walking into the store for the first time, my eyes widened at all there was to behold – every shelf, table and corner has been thoughtfully laid out with kitchenware, scented candles, cookbooks and culinary delights. 


There’s gourmet olive oils, infused vinegars, toothpaste naturally flavoured with ginger, books on preserving and how to hold incredible dinner parties. Even the muesli is sexy.


In the back right-hand corner is the cafe, with a glass cabinet full of fresh lunchtime offerings. Soup of the day was Creamy Artichoke but I opted for a choice of three salads, which could easily have fed two people (it didn’t, I ate it all, but just saying).

IMG_2243It’s like they knew I was coming too because on a serving table were two large jars – one with a green dressing and one with punainen (red) pesto.  There was also a bottle of olive oil and one of balsamic vinegar. I love my dressing as much as the horse it rides in on, so I was really happy about this set up. 

IMG_2244Over in the back left corner is Kaffa Roastery – serving some of the best coffee I’ve had in Helsinki – with a big room where they roast their own beans out the back. 

10592916_10201710487803858_7964972802402455465_nAnd just to be the most awesome store in the land, there’s also a great area for children. A wooden house full of toys and a room set up with colouring books means you can stay for three hours while your child whiles away the time. 

IMG_2289As we said goodbye today, Hyerim and I joked that we’d see each other there tomorrow. I might take one or two days off, but it certainly won’t be long before I’m back at Moko again. 



Moko Market & Cafe

Kaffa Roastery 

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