Moving tips for my former self

The Fourth of July – Independence Day for some, moving day for us! Like a 1950’s traveller our belongings had survived the six-week voyage by sea and were ready to be delivered to our new address in central Helsinki.

Anchors aweigh! Our things ready for sailing

Anchors aweigh! Our things ready for sailing

Only three months have passed since we packed but it was funny to see what I had anticipated we would need. It was soon evident how sentimental I am as I unpacked boxes of photos and gifts from family and friends. This includes a small rock I was given for my 21st birthday that I have taken with me to Australia, back to New Zealand and now Finland. (Sentimental or just semi-mental?)

You know you're in Finland when the former tenants forget to take their reindeer fillets and escargot from the freezer

You know you’re in Finland when the last tenants forget to empty the freezer of reindeer fillets and escargot

If I could go back in time, here’s a few packing tips I would give myself:

– don’t worry about all the small appliances like the toaster, jug, lamps and  fairy lights. The power adaptors you’ll need to run them may cost more than the item did.

– unlike Sydney, where built-in wardrobes are very rare, storage won’t be a problem in Finland. So leave the large chest of drawers behind.

–  also unlike Sydney and Auckland, moths and cockroaches don’t seem to be compulsory flatmates. You can leave half your airtight storage jars behind.

– a Japanese phrasebook and an absinthe spoon – what were you thinking?


– it’s good you packed the books you’ve been meaning to read and haven’t yet. If you haven’t read them by the end of winter, stop carting them around!

– same goes for cookbooks.

– there are shops in Helsinki.

View from our lounge in Auckland (moving in 2012)

View from our lounge in Auckland (moving in day, 2012)

The fourth of July was also the due-date given to us last year for the arrival of our twins; two baby boys we lost at 16 weeks pregnancy. If I could talk to my former self from that time too I’d say, time doesn’t change things, but it does keep moving forward and you really never know where you might find yourself just one year on.

View from our lounge in Finland

View from our lounge in Finland


5 thoughts on “Moving tips for my former self

  1. Hi Mel,
    Always enjoy reading what you have been up too. You must love now having your own belongings with you, and settling into your own place. We are always thinking of you all. Take care and all our love, Sarndra and Slimxx


  2. Mel, when reading your post I remembered my trip from Finland to Portugal. I also took a phrasebook with me. I attempted to read Portuguese for the first time during the flight and could not pronounce a single word of it but as you said “you really never know where you might find yourself just one year on”. Now I am married to Brazilian girl and can speak Portuguese well. Without my phrasebook my life today would be very different. I would probably not be married to my sweet heart and would not get involved in European moving business. Hey, if you need tips about live in Helsinki drop me a message on the contacts page on my website Wish you all the best with your new life in Finland. Regards. Michael


    • Hey Michael, thanks for the feedback. It’s lovely to read how things worked out for you and your sweetheart and how much life can keep surprising us in such a positive way. Thanks for the offer of help too, I may just take you up on that! All the very best, Mel


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