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  1. You have a very cool blog Melanie πŸ™‚ I have a good friend who lives in Finland and she also happens to be a superb photographer. Her blog address is – http://capturinglittlemoments.wordpress.com

    Please don’t think I am being critical of your blog but I noticed when I was looking at your posts that you should be getting more likes. Have you tried using tags and categories with your posts ? Your blog is much too good to be getting a low amount of likes. Try using help on WordPress for “tags” and “categories” or when you visit other peoples blogs see how they list tags to get more likes. I look forward to seeing more posts and I hope you get a chance to visit my own or my friends blogs. Have a great evening.

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    • Hi Joe, thanks for your feedback. It’s really helpful as I’m very new to this. I will definitely learn more about tags and categories. I never really expected anyone but family to be interested but its such a buzz to see new people checking in so I’ll do all I can to keep the blog going and growing. Your blog is really nice, your photos are excellent and I love the titles and comments. I also checked out Elina’s blog – thank you for the recommendation. It’s great to see photos of our new home city. All the best from Finland, Melanie


  2. A very lovely blog Melanie, you tell wonderfully about life in Helsinki. I love your photos, and your son is adorable! It’s great that Joe connected us. πŸ™‚ Let’s keep in touch!

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  3. Hi there, saw that you are a kiwi in Helsinki, so had to check your blog out as my husband is a kiwi too πŸ˜‰ hope you’ll find fun things to do here with your son! Oh, and enjoy the sun while it lasts πŸ™‚


    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Wow – another kiwi! I’ve only met one since being here and he was visiting from Oulu. Are you Australian? I love your blog. I’ve checked it out before and have just revisited. You have lots of great info on there. We are having a wonderful week at the beach but it looks like rain next week so I’ll be coming back for more ideas of what to do in Helsinki. Keep in touch! Mel


      • I know, not too many kiwis around here (but there are a few, e.g. the owner of the Aussie bar πŸ˜‰ )! But I’m Finnish, we just stayed awhile in Australia. Happy to here you’ve found some helpful information in the blog πŸ™‚


  4. Oh, cool! A kiwi in Finland!

    I might start following you around πŸ˜‰ – not literally, but on this blog here – to see what you make of the Nordic life. I myself am an Estonian living in New Zealand, so reading your words is almost like the opposite of what I am doing, you know?

    Anyway, looking forward to your posts!


    • Hi Maria, it’s almost like we’ve swapped places! An Estonian in NZ – you must feel as rare as we do up here. We visited Tallinn’s Old Town recently and loved it. There’s much more for us to explore there yet and we will return. Our parts of the world are not completely unknown to each other but there are lots of little differences aren’t there? I hope you are enjoying life in NZ. All the very best to you, Mel


  5. Hi Mel, I’m so glad you found me because now I found you too πŸ™‚ I’m a big New Zealand fan and always wanted to go there. So far I couldn’t manage though. Looking forward to read how you feel in Finland πŸ™‚


    • Hi! I’m really glad too – I just took a tour of your website and your amazing photos. I’ve never seen the Aurora Borealis but it is a big dream of mine. Did you know you can see ‘Southern Lights’ in New Zealand? I don’t know much about it but maybe another reason for you to visit. ; ) I’ll keep following your photos and read your tips again when we come to make our trip north. All the best, Mel


    • Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by. I see you have a NZ email address & guess you may have made a long trip to see your grandchildren. I hope you have a wonderful time while here. And I hope you brought some warm NZ merino with you ; )


  6. Hi Mel, my friend showed me your blog! I am also a kiwi living here in Helsinki, it’s my first Finnish winter! Actually my first winter for 2 years so I am struggling. Today and yesterday are temperatures I can handle! πŸ™‚ The rest is a bit of a shock. I am going to follow your blog and steal your survival tips! Can definitely relate to the horror of dressing a child for these temperatures. It’s a nightmare!!!


    • Hi, I’m glad you found me! I can’t believe how many winters in NZ I complained of being cold – without a proper hat, scarf or gloves on! I hope you find some useful tips on here. I’ll drop you a line via email in case you’d like to meet up and share winter stories ; )


  7. Hello Mel; I found a link to your blog via Tiny Expats, one of my fellow expat bloggers here in the Czech Republic.
    Your blog looks great and I really look forward to exploring it. I’ve not been up to Finland yet, but I’d love to visit sometime. I’ll definitely follow you and use your advice for when the day comes that I do get up there. πŸ™‚
    If you’re interested, here’s l\a link to my Czech Republic blog:


    • Hello! Thank you for stopping by & leaving a comment. I will definitely check out your blog. Ironically I’m about to dress my child & need to take my own advice & allow 15 minutes. ☺️ Will come back later to read your posts, Mel


    • Hi Karin, Tervetuloa! I do hope you’ll make it over and it will be interesting to hear what might feel familiar and what you’ll find new. What a wonderful trip you’ll have. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. All the best, Mel


  8. Hi Mel,

    I hope you don’t mind but I tagged your blog and I directed some questions to you in my latest blog post. I totally understand if answering some pretty random questions is not your style, but I thought I’d ask anyway, given that I’d like to know some of your thoughts about living in Finland.

    PS. I am holding my breath and hope that you’ll accept the challenge πŸ™‚


  9. Mel!
    Reading your blog for few months already and find it fantastic! Find it great readiong about yours everyday Finland in the nice, unofficial and friendly way.
    Very well done!



  10. Hi Mel, I love to read your story.

    Ours is similar, but reversed. Well, sort of. I met my husband in Sweden and after having lived in the Netherlands since 2003 we are now living in Australia, with our two children, since six months. You wrote that you went to Australia for one year and stayed for eleven. We hear this a lot, where your reasons for staying back then? Love to hear!
    Best regards,


    • Hi Willemijn, thanks for your message. We loved Sydney – the food, the weather, the people & we both had jobs we really enjoyed. We’re looking forward to making a quick visit on our way home from NZ soon. I hope you’re enjoying it there too, I’ll be sure to check out your blog, it really is like we are living our lives similarly but reversed! Best, Mel


  11. Hi Mel

    I will be visiting Helsinki over summer. I really enjoy reading your blog and stories about your life over there.

    Any tips on things to do / visit & restaurants that locals enjoy?

    Thanks !



  12. Hi Mel, I’m a fellow kiwi who has just moved to Tampere to study a Master’s! I’ve really been struggling with the cultural differences, which is how I came across your blog as I was searching to see if there are any groups for kiwis in Finland – turns out there are not so many as we are a rare breed here!! It was nice to read that I’m not the only one who finds the lack of smiles and saying hello (or talking or laughing for that matter) in public a bit strange. Finnish people are really nice and I’ve been lucky to make some great friends at uni, but it’s just not quite the same as having a bunch of kiwis around – I miss the banter! Anyway, just thought I’d reach out and say hi to another kiwi over here πŸ™‚



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